Monday, December 27, 2010

French dip

Another benefit of cooking a five pound roast (please see entry below)? Leftovers! With a packet of au jus gravy mix and a loaf of French bread Jenny whipped together some scrumptious instant gratification: delicious French dip. Critical to the success of this sandwich is the bread, which should be a big fluffy loaf with a hard crust. The more fluff in your bread, the more juice you'll mop up. The hard crust acts as a non absorbent soak-stop layer to keep your fingers dry and provides a crunchy contrast.

Prior to loading with prime rib, we put the bread open faced into the toaster oven. We chose to skip the butter. Assuming the meat is from the refrigerator, put enough for one sandwich in the microwave on "High" for 30 seconds. As soon as my wife threw this together our bigger twin (who was relegated to ravioli for dinner) couldn't leave us alone, constantly grabbing and munching away at our beef dips.

Eat this with a big drink. You're going to need it. A pack of the mix has nearly half again more than the recommended daily allowance for sodium. This stuff isn't health food.