Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Scott's Seafood Sunday Brunch--San Jose, CA

About two weeks ago, my family took me to Scott's for Sunday brunch to celebrate Father's Day. Having been to Scott's in Oakland for a memorable buffet a few years ago, my expectations were very high--and they were met! All four of us really enjoyed ourselves and Tyler especially keeps asking when we can go back.

Scott's does so many things right, so it's hard to really know what to recommend first. Given the limited budget allotted by one's stomach space, I suggest making sure you hit the shellfish bar and the "and so much more" in the sign above--that is, the chafing dishes. There, you'll find creations you just don't get at a run-of-the-mill Sunday brunch, like Eggs Benedict with crab or salmon alla bella.

The latter was delicious, with salmon wrapped in a fluffy pancake. I remember regretting I had space for only one.

Salmon alla bella in the lower left

There is an omelet bar and you won't be disappointed by it. However, you can get a good omelet at a lot of places. When I come again, to maximize value, I'd go for more of the prime rib.

That said, one item seemingly commonplace that Scott's did amazingly well was the French toast. With syrup, to me it was as delicious and as satisfying as any dessert.

Prime rib with French toast

The desserts, by the way, were good but not all that memorable given the savory food we came for. The boys really enjoyed the cookies. I was thankful for the cut fruit given all the meat I had. The chocolate covered strawberries were superb, but then, how can one really miss with those?

We got there when Scott's opened, at 10:00 am and it wasn't that crowded. We were politely asked, though, to finish within two hours and by about 11:00 the restaurant was pretty much packed. The brunch comes with mimosas included, by the way, and they don't cheat you. The service is excellent and the liquids are continuously flowing into your glass.