Friday, November 25, 2016

Safeway Thanksgiving dinner-in-a-box

For Thanksgiving yesterday we got Safeway's boxed Thanksgiving meal. For $49.95 we got what you see in the picture above. The turkey was about ten pounds. Between two adults and two twelve-year-olds we ate about half of everything, including the bird.

What we received from Safeway was a good value, especially considering how much work it saved us. But, a similar offering from Lucky this year also included a green bean casserole and rolls. We tried Safeway this year, though, partly because it's closer and partly because we hadn't tried their packaged Thanksgiving dinner before.

The turkey, precooked, was tender and the aroma filled our home as if we made it from scratch ourselves. I would get this package again, but am more likely to go with Lucky next time because of the value. Whether you get a Safeway or Lucky turkey, though, be sure to pick it up about three days in advance to let it thaw in the fridge in time for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gen--San Jose, CA

Hawaiian beef on the left, shrimp in the middle, Beef Bulgogi on the right and garlic chicken at 12 o'clock. 

We took the boys to Gen for Korean barbecue for their birthday two days ago. This place is worth all the internet hype. We had a delightful time and the service was top notch. I almost always tip more than 15% but never 20%; that is, until Monday. The grill was replaced five times or so and the server constantly took the initiative to ask if we wanted more food.

We got there at about 11:00 and could have ordered off the dinner menu, which offers about half a dozen more items than the lunch menu. However, the all-you-can-eat lunch offered plenty of offerings including small intestine, steak and shrimp. The best of all, we thought, was the pork chop--it's a must have.

Get there after noon and you'll probably need to wait.

The story of our lives--at least two hours of it. In all, 24 dishes.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

CreaTEAve by Hello Desserts--San Jose

I had my best-ever cup of boba tea yesterday and I made it myself! The CreaTEAve model is for the customer to add his own ingredients. This includes ice, creamer and unlimited toppings. You then present your cup of goodies to the cashier, who will top it off with a plastic film and shake it for you.

Not a quick thinker on my feet, I was a little confused at first. But, the teenager behind me guided me through it. There are enough signs and recommendations along the way so you won't mess it up, but the best piece of advice is to go for low sweetness when adding the sweetener.

If this were next door or within biking distance of home, I'd be a regular here. But, alas, the parking in this mall, Pacific Rim Plaza, is positively hopeless so it'll be forever and a day before I can make it back.