Saturday, October 3, 2020

Oolong Tea Boba Ice Cream Bar by A-Chino

 "Wow", was the first word my son said after opening the plastic wrapper revealing an ice cream bar on a stick. Creating the powerful first impression was the tea aroma and, indeed, the lower (or brown) part of this bar had a pleasantly strong tea flavor.

In two of the bars, though, we didn't find any boba in the top (or white) portion. And, in two of them, we did. Either way, what you do get is great vanilla ice cream, which is the perfect way to start this dessert. 

The kids liked the boba but didn't love it. Their main complaint: The boba was slightly frozen or crystalized. While true, that didn't bother me at all.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Old Greenwood BBQ at the Gold Rush Saloon

 Although slightly charred more than I would have liked, my family of four enjoyed the ribs from Greenwood. My older son and I shared the rib pack (below) which came with three pint sides and four corn muffins (though they only gave us three) for $45. The brisket was a lean cut and a bit salty. The My younger son got the cheeseburger and found fault with the fact that the cheese wasn't melted. 

But, the ribs were delicious and they will have me coming back. Greenwood BBQ has outdoor seating and is open as of this writing. 

Monday, September 7, 2020

Red bean buns from

My wife recently made red bean buns using the recipe found at . It was unusual in that this recipe did not call for an egg in the dough, but it still came out well! The dough in the photos below was made from scratch. We got the red bean paste from 99Ranch. 

We let the dough rise first before filling the dough with red bean. To do this, Jenny left the ball of dough outside in a bowl in the summer heat with a towel on top. 

Jenny let the dough rise a second time after making the buns (below) before putting them in the toaster oven at 400F.

Jenny finished with some egg wash to give the buns some color and a thin, crisp shell.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Blueberry pancakes by Stonewall Kitchen

I make pancakes for my family just about every weekend. And, when it comes to breakfast I can tell you they're a tough crowd to please. The blueberry pancakes from Stonewall Kitchen accompanied by the brand's blueberry maple syrup, however, won them over this morning. So much so, in fact, that today we even ordered some for relatives.

First of all, as soon as you open the can of mix you're hit with the delightful smell of blueberries. This takes slightly more work than the usual instant mix--it requires melted butter, milk, an egg and 15 minutes for the batter to sit--but it's worth it. My wife enjoyed the natural texture of the pancakes and my kids loved the syrup. Indeed, all were in agreement, that to fully enjoy the pancakes, the syrup is a must.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hawaiian Style Chicken by Naples Kitchen

For all the churn at Costco, this one is a regular. With chicken thighs of any sort harder to come by during COVID-19, I brought this home. The meat's tender but the sauce is sweet. Really sweet. Like, almost candy sweet. So, you'll need to eat this with a lot of starch (I can't imagine this going well with anything except for white rice).

Don't worry about the fat content--the entire container has only 15 grams of saturated fat and 70 grams of fat overall. It's the cholesterol (43% RDA per serving) and sodium (21%) you need to worry about. Nutrition information is in the photo below.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sourdough Batard from Firebrand Artisan Bread--Oakland, CA

My family's munching on this bread and we enjoy it especially with cheese. We had it delivered through Good Eggs (more on that in a later post).  Yes, the bread is fluffy soft. But, for me what stands out is the flavor--it's truly sour and I love it.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Tres Leches by La Gruta del Sol

Our family enjoyed this hard cheese which, although stinky (like a teenage boy's feet in the summer), had a rich creamy flavor. The "tres leches" refers to the different types of milk involved: sheep, goat and cow. If you told me it takes no fewer than three animals to make a cheese so delicious, I'd have no choice but to believe you.

Photo below: About one-third pound of Tres Leches cheese at $23.99/lb.