Friday, March 5, 2021

Xiaoman RiceBurrito -- Santa Clara, CA

I don't know what the name of this rice burrito shop is, but it's either "RiceBurrito" or "Xiaoman". In any case, the website is

At $8, these savory treats aren't cheap, but they're scrumptious and filling. Though they come with pork and egg, what stands out is the yao tiao (fried breadstick), which not only takes up a lot of the volume, but provides all of the memorable crunch.

Pictured above is with white rice, though you can also get one with purple rice.

The physical store in Santa Clara is a kitchen for pick-up only. There's no place to eat, even without COVID.

Above: White wrap is with purple rice, brown is with white rice. Dollar bill for scale.

Below: The rice burrito ingredients, or "ricepe" ("rice" + "recipe")