Monday, December 29, 2014

Frozen Kuhsterd--SOMA Streat Food Park, San Francisco, CA

Yesterday afternoon we ate Frozen Kuhsterd's truck at the SOMA Streat Food Park and picked up two expensive sundaes. Dylan got a cupcake sundae, where he got to pick the cupcake, the flavor of ice cream and the topping. Shown above is guittard chocolate with a chocolate banana cupcake and chocolate topping (sense a theme here?).

Tyler got the s'mores sundae, which came with a choice of ice cream (chocolate again!). Both were rich and the kids finished every crumb of cracker, cake and marshmallow as well as every drop of ice cream and sauce. As the prices below indicate, though, the desserts didn't come cheaply--$13 for the pair.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Bourbon Pub--Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA

This afternoon for a corporate event we went to Levi's Stadium and had lunch at Bourbon Pub, a Michael Mina restaurant.

Though the menu said we'd start with a Garden Kale Salad with dried cherries, we got something else: Arugula with pomegranate seeds with shaved bleu cheese. No matter, the salad was still good.

The 49ers Burger was so rare the cow was practically still alive. That turned off some, but I enjoyed it, as I like my beef bleeding. The strip of bacon added a much needed crunch to the sandwich. The accompanying fries had an amazing property: They stayed crisp for the duration of the lunch. I'm glad the server took them away, because I was well on my way to downing the whole basket myself.

We finished with cookies and brownies, which were soft and rich. It was a great way to end the lunch, though it was too heavy for us to finish up.