Thursday, November 26, 2015

Nijiya Market--Mountain View, CA

It was with great anticipation today that we brought home a super sushi platter from Nijiya Market in the Mountain View Shopping Center. Order a day ahead of time and for $40 you get a platter (which itself is  plastic but suitable for keeping) with 67 pieces of sushi, nigiri and California roll.

Was it a good value? It's debatable. For $40 Sushi 85 or Masa Sushi, both also in Mountain View, can come close to filling you up just as this platter did (with one boy eating more than 20 pieces alone, this platter didn't fill the rest of us up till our bellies burst, but that wasn't the aim either). However, if it's an abundance of raw fish, rice and seaweed that you're after and you want to escape taxes and tips, we can't think of a buy around us that's clearly better.

What went without debate was the deliciousness of the platter. It even smelled great. The nigiri (salmon, tuna and shrimp) was so popular among the four of us the kids made sure they were divided evenly. Not only will we be repeat customers, we're already plotting to figure out when's the next time we can order a "super" again.

Nijiya Market, Mountain View, CA

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Voya Restaurant--Mountain View, CA

To celebrate Jenny's birthday while the kids were at school, we went to The Voya Restaurant in Mountain View. It's very rare for us to visit a restaurant a second time in half a year much less a month. Yet, it was our second time here in less than four weeks and the fact that Jenny picked Voya for her birthday shows how much we think of this restaurant.

What Voya does best is offer a terrific experience in terms of service, food and ambiance. Service is always with a smile and their food is prepared to perfection--especially the flavoring.

All that said, such happiness doesn't come for free. Jenny's three seafood tacos, while delicious enough, came at a steep $18.75. The presentation was beautiful, though. I had the Seven Seas, a better value. I enjoyed the snapper and the broth was even better than mmm-mmm good! I also appreciated that they jammed that bowl with a lot of seafood (see menu below).

What's a birthday meal without a delicious dessert? Voya came through with the chocolate molten cake with vanilla bean, which, if it wasn't homemade it sure tasted like it!

The Voya Restaurant