Saturday, February 29, 2020

Vampire Penguin--Cupertino, CA

The Vampire Penguin in Cupertino sits in a mall in the midst of renovation. As such, it was largely empty when we went there last weekend and there wasn't a line. We got a couple of shaved snow desserts including the Green Snow Thaiger shown here and the S'Mored, which features marshmallows and chocolate-flavored snow. The large version here is $10; the small is $8 at about half the size.  I enjoyed the tea flavoring of the Thaiger, my son thought the best part was the crushed Oreos with condensed milk.

Perhaps due to the size of the dessert and the presentation--thick, honest-to-goodness ceramic plates--we liked the snow here more than at Teaspoon.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Joy Dumpling--Cupertino, CA

At the site of the former Shanghai Dumpling and then Rasa Sarang, Joy Dumpling is in the midst of a soft opening right now. The xiao long bao are good, but not great. The flavor is there, but not the soup and the skin is a bit thick. Still, the loofah xiao long bao (pictured) was a hit with everyone.

I liked the Mongolian Cumin Lamb, but it came with too many red peppers for our table to be comfortable. 

The beef roll was popular and it's the one dish we ordered again.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tan Cha---Cupertino, CA

We waited 20 minutes for the Japanese Fluffy Pancake last night. We're still debating whether it was worth the wait. (By the way, you can add upwards of 10 minutes waiting in line just to order.) This dessert is certainly fluffy and eggy, and it's this texture that really stands out. We tried the strawberry version of this, too, and don't recommend one versus the other.

What is worth the wait (about five minutes) is their Royal Ceylon Milk Tea with Tiramisu Puff Foam. My goodness, that smooth, rich, coffee-flavored foam might be reason alone to come back.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Bare Bones Broth

I got a bag of 16 Bare Bones Broth "sticks" at Costco on sale for $11. You mix each stick, which has 50 calories and 20% of your sodium RDA, with eight ounces of hot water. My family found the flavor a bit bland. However, I did find the drink staved off hunger pretty well. Overall, though, this is a drink we got excited about to begin with (it's packaged well) but now no longer want.