Thursday, October 24, 2019

Annachikadai--Mountain View, CA

I had the non-vegetarian Thali at Annachikadai for lunch today. In theory, the food is "unlimited" and the presentation appetizing. The dishes below, from upper left clockwise, is fish, mutton, chicken biryani and a vegetable soup. In practice, however, the food's lukewarm. More food is brought to your table, but only when the servers come by. If you want a true all-you-can-eat, go to a buffet. For that,  I recommend Mantra India down the street.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Wok in the Park--St. Louis Park, MN

The menu at Wok in the Park has a definite Asian twist to it. But, understand it's Americanized. What mystifies is the amount of business they get, even on weeknights. Expect a 35-40 minute wait for your takeout order at dinnertime, even on a random Tuesday.

I got the Slayer Stir Fry with pork, which was overdone. The Hot and Spicy Seafood (pictured) came with a small bit of fish, four medium-sized shrimp, two medium scallops and seven rings of squid. I mention this because the dish is $22.

The staff at Wok in the Park is cheerful to be sure. But, otherwise, I don't understand the fuss. Timeliness, quality and value are all missing.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sea bass from Kona at Ridgedale Minnetonka, MN

I got the sea bass to go today at Kona. Yes, it's a little odd that it's served with shrimp fried rice. However, the fish holds its own against Redstone next door. It's flakey, juicy and flavorful. The big difference is Redstone charges literally twice as much: $38 vs. $19. The sweetness of Redstone's glaze on their sea bass (which I had yesterday) makes their fish the winner. But, not by $19.