Monday, October 14, 2019

Wok in the Park--St. Louis Park, MN

The menu at Wok in the Park has a definite Asian twist to it. But, understand it's Americanized. What mystifies is the amount of business they get, even on weeknights. Expect a 35-40 minute wait for your takeout order at dinnertime, even on a random Tuesday.

I got the Slayer Stir Fry with pork, which was overdone. The Hot and Spicy Seafood (pictured) came with a small bit of fish, four medium-sized shrimp, two medium scallops and seven rings of squid. I mention this because the dish is $22.

The staff at Wok in the Park is cheerful to be sure. But, otherwise, I don't understand the fuss. Timeliness, quality and value are all missing.