Friday, January 24, 2020

Daeho Kalbe Jjim & Beef Soup--Milpitas, CA

Monday the four of us went to Daeho for the express purpose of getting their braised short rib with extra meat. The pot shown here is about eight inches in diameter and priced at $62. We also got a beef rib soup for $16. Though we left full, eating ribs in both dishes was a labor-intensive, messy affair using chopsticks. Be prepared for a lot of splatter.

The beef rib soup was in many ways the greater pleasure, though not the featured event. We liked the flavorful broth, as it helped complement the heavy sauce in the Galbijjim, and the meat was just as tender.

We got there when it opened at 11:00. By about 11:20 the restaurant was full.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Kreuz Market--Lockhart, TX

What made our trip to Kreuz Market special was two things: The sausage links and the live music. We had the brisket there also but it was dry, even for a lean cut, and certainly not as enjoyable as that found at la Barbecue or Black's BBQ nearby. Both the regular and jalapeno sausage, though, were perfectly spiced with a fine texture. I'll never find their equal here in the Bay Area. But, what made the experience most memorable was the live string music featuring the Hot Pickin 57s. Look them up.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Pigpen--San Antonio, TX

I can't think of a better value than The Pigpen Sunday brunch. For $16, you'll get your fill of delectables such as mac and cheese (my kids are the harshest critics when it comes to this dish and they say The Pigpen serves some of the best), brisket (lean and fatty), fried fish (my favorite of the bunch) and other staples (fried chicken, sausage, scrambled eggs, delicious watermelon).

One bit of advice: Get there within half an hour of opening (buffet starts at 10:00 am). There's picnic bench style seating. So, after about 10:30 seating four together becomes a challenge.