Friday, January 24, 2020

Daeho Kalbe Jjim & Beef Soup--Milpitas, CA

Monday the four of us went to Daeho for the express purpose of getting their braised short rib with extra meat. The pot shown here is about eight inches in diameter and priced at $62. We also got a beef rib soup for $16. Though we left full, eating ribs in both dishes was a labor-intensive, messy affair using chopsticks. Be prepared for a lot of splatter.

The beef rib soup was in many ways the greater pleasure, though not the featured event. We liked the flavorful broth, as it helped complement the heavy sauce in the Galbijjim, and the meat was just as tender.

We got there when it opened at 11:00. By about 11:20 the restaurant was full.