Sunday, November 20, 2016

CreaTEAve by Hello Desserts--San Jose

I had my best-ever cup of boba tea yesterday and I made it myself! The CreaTEAve model is for the customer to add his own ingredients. This includes ice, creamer and unlimited toppings. You then present your cup of goodies to the cashier, who will top it off with a plastic film and shake it for you.

Not a quick thinker on my feet, I was a little confused at first. But, the teenager behind me guided me through it. There are enough signs and recommendations along the way so you won't mess it up, but the best piece of advice is to go for low sweetness when adding the sweetener.

If this were next door or within biking distance of home, I'd be a regular here. But, alas, the parking in this mall, Pacific Rim Plaza, is positively hopeless so it'll be forever and a day before I can make it back.