Friday, August 6, 2010

Gombei--Sunnyvale, CA

Today for lunch I met Jenny roughly midway between our workplaces at Gombei in Sunnyvale. With our arrival at 12:15 on a Friday, the restaurant was predictably crowded. (I would have been worried if it wasn't.) Having fond memories of the mackerel at Sushi Tomi in Mountain View, I went with the broiled mackerel (#17 on the menu) and Jenny had the ramen.

The mackerel was hot, succulent and slightly crispy. It was every bit the equal of Tomi's in terms of quality and the quantity of fish made it the hands down winner in value. The fish was so juicy I couldn't help but say "Wow!" with my first bite. Although bony, the fish was so delicious I couldn't help but inhale big chunks of it, bones and all.

Jenny's ramen was good also. The stock was flavorful without being salty. It was also substantial, especially for $6. In general, Gombei is a great value (perhaps in part explaining the large crowd); a bowl of udon could be had for a mere $4.

Gombei did everything well today. The food was well prepared, the tables were quickly cleaned for the next guest and the service was fast. When I think of Gombei, I can't help but consider what I'll have when I return--I must try Japanese dish I have more than any other: the unagi don. At $7.50, how can I not?

Gombei (various locations, including the one we went to in Sunnyvale)
155 East Maude Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-4308
(408) 735-7777