Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pho Little Saigon--Sunnyvale, CA

Looking for a good place for pho and bun but not having much faith in Vietnamese restaurants nearby, Jenny found Pho Little Saigon in Sunnyvale. I recognized the place as soon as I saw it, having been there for dim sum many years ago. The restaurant is large (easily seats more than 70) and well lighted.

With the younger twin not interested in meat, we ordered for him a noodle soup which offered noodles, chicken stock and nothing else. The other boy had the barbecue chicken, which he loved. Neither Jenny nor I had seen him eat so much meat. The five-year old downed all three pieces save a bite.

Jenny had the pork bun, which she found satisfactory, but she reported it lacked a certain zip. I tried the egg roll that came with the bun and it was tasty, but it had too much skin and not enough filling.

I had a large pho with rare steak, flank and tendon. I couldn't believe how massive the bowl was. For the first time in memory, I couldn't finish a bowl of pho--and I came in hungry. The pho came with a lot of meat, but the rare steak wasn't rare. The tendon was fresh and I no longer take that for granted. The stock was adequate, but didn't have the strong beefy flavor I'd had other pho restaurants. Also, less than an hour later my mouth was dry, my fingers were swollen and I was dead thirsty--all symptoms of an excessive MSG intake.

Even though my experience tonight was mixed, I'd still come back. Although Pho Little Saigon didn't deliver the religious experience some pho restaurants in San Jose and Santa Clara were able to, I'd return for the location, which is an acceptable 15 minutes or so from home. I've given up, for now, finding good pho at a reasonable price here in the 650.

Pho Little Saigon
855 E Homestead Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 245-5570