Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nick's on Main--Los Gatos, CA

In celebration of our 10th anniversary today, Jenny and I took the day off and dropped by Nick's on Main in Los Gatos for lunch. Our first choice for appetizer, the panko crusted abalone, was unavailable, so we ordered rice croquettes with mushrooms topped with arugula. The appetizer got lunch off to a strong start. The chopped mushrooms came submerged in a deep well of olive oil, which made a tasty dip for the focaccia bread. The croquettes themselves were good, although I would have liked the deep-fried shell to be a touch thinner.

Jenny's lobster BLT was scrumptious and the cold, creamy avocado was the perfect complement for the lobster.
The bread was toasted to such a perfection that I couldn't help but dive for the bread crust left behind by my beautiful wife of ten years. As I chomped away at what little that remained of her dish, she was asked her if her plate could be taken away, to which I grunted a desperate, "Still working!" With all that went right with Jenny's sandwich, I think it could have been even better with a touch more lobster.

Quantity was not a problem for my Dungeness crab melt. What a wonderful surprise! This open face sandwich was a heaping load of delicious crab dropped on a slice of toast, topped with a strip of melted brie (drizzled upon with balsamic vinegar for good measure). As I munched my way through I was both elated and regretful, as I didn't know if I'd ever have such a delightful crab sandwich again. It was the best sandwich I've had this year, and it wins the honor with just one slice of bread.

A word must be said also of the fries. We were both given fries in abundance, but by the end of lunch I couldn't help but relieve both plates of any trace of fried potato. What made these fries special wasn't the seasoning, although they were flavorful, but the fact they stayed as crisp as a new dollar bill throughout the lunch, even after they turned cold. How did they do that?

Even with the crab melt aside, I'd still rate this meal up there with the best lunches I've had this year. And, considering the melt? It belted Nick's into a different class.

Nick's on Main
35 E Main St.
Los Gatos, CA 95032
(408) 399-6457