Monday, August 16, 2010

Shanghai Dim Sum--Cupertino, CA

Jenny and I noticed this restaurant on our way home on our anniversary. I could easily recall the location, as it's part of a mall whose name is very similar to mine. Situated in the Loree mall in Cupertino, I brought my dad here Saturday, as he's from Shanghai and has a gift for ordering Shanghainese food.

Their menu contained all of our favorites and then some. So, we stuck with the basics, such as shao lung bao, both with and without crab. The dish was passable, but it could have used more time in the steamer. The crown was a touch hard and dry and the soup was only lukewarm. The skin was otherwise fine.

More than the shao lung bao, I enjoyed the lotus wrapped seafood, which would have been a meal in itself for one, even coming complete with delicious rice steamed to perfection. Also well executed was the braised pork, which was fatty (as it should be) with meat that was extraordinarily tender. The sauce was likewise a smash, tasting a touch like barbecue sauce, yet maintaining a Shanghainese identity. The sauce alone would be great with rice.
We tried to find crystal shrimp, another Shanghainese standard, but have been unsuccessful after well over a dozen tries. Shanghai Dim Sum was no exception. However, we enjoyed the dish and the kids loved it. The bigger twin likewise couldn't get enough of the Shanghai noodles.
The pea sprouts were notable for the goji berries that came along for the ride. The berries not only made the plate come alive, but they were delicious, too.
The Chinese name of Shanghai Dim Sum is, "Xiao Nan Guo", or literally "Small South Country", and is the name of a well known restaurant in Shanghai. While this unassuming restaurant has a way to go before it acquires such fame, the potential is there. Their menu is vast, they have the inventory to back it up and they clearly know how to cook irresistible food. Not only am I going again, I also know what's on deck: chive pancakes, lion's head and, what the heck, why not give the shao lung bao another shot?

Shanghai Dim Sum
19066 Stevens Creek Boulevard
Cupertino, CA 95014-2522
(408) 366-2318