Friday, August 20, 2010

Turkey Mike's BBQ--San Jose, CA

With the San Jose Giants having a buy-one-get-one promotion Sunday, the four of us hit San Jose Municipal Stadium for a game against the Modesto Nuts. A 5:00 start time (and a ban on tailgating 45 minutes prior to the first pitch), pretty much cornered us into having dinner at the park. Shortly after sitting down I couldn't help but notice another fan carrying a monster turkey leg drumstick. For me, when it comes to food, more is more. So, at dinnertime I made my way down to Turkey Mike's BBQ, which is level with the playing field along the third base line, offering an intimate view of the diamond.

As much as I enjoyed the game, the leg was the highlight of the night. It was dinner for me, Jenny and (along with a hot dog each) the twins. Tyler and I especially worked at it and, despite the teamwork, it took us more than two innings to finish. Our dinner drew a bit of attention and the popcorn guy said it looked underdone. I could understand his opinion, but it wasn't. The drum was cooked throughout, tender and bathed in a delicious barbecue sauce. That tiny little coin in the photo below, by the way, is a quarter.
With hot dogs going for $3.75 a pop, the turkey leg was a steal at $7.50. Even though the Giants ended up losing, but who really cares? Jenny and I got to talk baseball with the boys and with that drumstick Turkey Mike's smacked a dinger.

Turkey Mike's BBQ
588 E Alma Ave.
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 297-1435