Saturday, July 31, 2010

Z Pie--Placerville, CA

On our way back home from Tahoe, we dropped by Z Pie in Placerville. Featuring savory and sweet pot pies, we ordered a turkey (below) for the boys to share, a chicken and mushroom for Jenny and a Jamaican jerk pork for myself. With the pies already made before we even ordered, the restaurant merely had to heat them up before serving. So, our lunch arrived at our table in only about five minutes or so.

With the crust in all the pies rich with butter, the bigger of our twins quickly finished his share of the turkey pie and even tried to take some crust away from his brother. My wife was likewise satisfied and, because of the heaviness of the crust, came away full. I enjoyed the Jamaican jerk pork, but the pie would have been better with more meat and fewer black beans.

We finished with the "Z Apple" pie, which was my favorite of the lunch. The apples were considered by some at our table to be on the sweet side, but I thought the filling overall was delicious and complemented the flaky, buttery crust well.

So, the four pies before tax and tip were $25, making lunch a good value. For those who wish to avoid that heavy crust (and there's no denying the crust is rich), Z-Pie also serves soups and salads. However, the pies are what make this place special and they're the reason I want to drop by again.

Z Pie
3182 Center St
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 621-2626