Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vaso Azzurro--Mountain View, CA

Having committed to lunch with an equipment supplier but without a car for today, my associates graciously agreed to meet me on Castro Street not far from where I live. We tried Vaso Azzurro, where I went with the Salmone Stromboli, which surprised me in that it wasn't really salmon wrapped in a turnover. Rather, it was presented simply as a fillet with white wine sauce. The fish was extraordinarily tender and the vegetables (carrot and broccoli) crisp.

For dessert I had the bowl of fresh mixed berries, which was tremendously overpriced. At $6.95 I received seven blackberries and four cut strawberries with "a splash of Grand Marnier".

Vaso Azzurro reminds a lot of Birk's, where customers overpay for good food knowing they're protected by fat expense accounts. All three of us enjoyed our lunches, but the portions were small--I was starving by the mid-afternoon. Also, the restaurant would have done well to show some creativity when plating the entrees. My dish looked exactly like today's special, English Sole, except the fish was different. The sauce, the positioning of the carrot, broccoli and mashed potatoes were identical. My wife, who'd eaten here a few times before, told me dishes tend to come with the same vegetables at Vaso.

If you have a big lunch budget (I caused more than $30 in damage today) but are short on time, Vaso might be for you, as you won't have to wait in line--the restaurant was only about 30% full (at most) during the lunch hour.

Vaso Assurro
108 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 940-1717