Friday, July 23, 2010

New Mongolian BBQ--Mountain View, CA

Not knowing where or what to eat for lunch today, my wife and I took a stroll south on Castro. As we walked by New Mongolian BBQ it appealed to Jenny because it was a little different from the Vietnamese, Chinese, Italian and Persian food we'd been noshing over the past few weeks. I wanted to go because the restaurant had plenty of available seating and the food line was short.

At New Mongolian, one can take as many trips to the bar to stuff a bowl (or, in most cases, two bowls) with pork, chicken, beef, noodles and a variety of vegetables and sauces. The raw goods are then handed over to a cook who stir fries the food on a giant (about 4 feet in diameter) circular grill.

For many a Mongolian Barbecue, the limit to how much one consumes often isn't dictated by gut capacity but rather the number of people in line. El Camino Mongolian BBQ, for example, can easily have a line 15 minutes long. Not having any early afternoon meetings, though, I had the luxury of time today and was able to squeeze in three visits to the bar during the hour or so I was there (noon to 1:10). Coming in before noon or after 1:00, though, one would have an even easier time getting access.

Egg drop soup and rice were served at the table.

Jenny thought the food ordinary, and perhaps she has a point. There wasn't anything here today that separated New Mongolian from others in its class. Moreover, I would have liked to see some lamb at the bar. New Mongolian did, however, bring some positives. Lunch was $8 and I ate enough such that I didn't need to eat dinner. The soft serve ice cream was delicious. When a vegetarian behind me wanted the cook to clean the grill of any trace of meat, the cook obliged. This was a nice touch. When an associate of mine made a similar request at El Camino Mongolian BBQ some time ago, it went unheard.

New Mongolian BBQ
304 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 968-0381