Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hot Lips Pizza--Portland, OR

I was on the campus of Portland State (which has the largest student population of all universities in Oregon) today and jumped into Hot Lips Pizza. I ordered a slice of the bacon and spinach pizza, which they tossed into the oven to warm up. The bacon was good and fatty, adding flavor to the pizza, which had a crisp, thin crust. What sets Hot Lips apart, though, is the soda they make on-site. Today's featured drink was blackberry soda, which was a delicious dark blue sludge with bubbles percolating to the top. The man behind the register apologized that it was so thick and suggested that I dilute it with soda water. He said the texture changes from day to day. I liked the homey charm of a soda gone slightly awry, though, and drank it as is. The consistency and flavor was much like that of what a fizzy blackberry smoothie might be. It was a meal in itself. Hot Lips features all organic ingredients in their food which may have justified the cost, but it still didn't come cheap--the slice and the drink set me back $6.95 (there's no sales tax in Oregon).