Saturday, January 15, 2011

Falafel and Kebab--Mountain View, CA

The restaurant where Jenny and I eat lunch more than any other is Kabab and Falafel. It's only a block or two away from where Jenny works and they almost never have a bad day. We eat there so often, in fact, that when we visited Thursday the proprietor didn't even ask what we wanted and rang us up for two chicken kabab plates. He remembered us despite the thick crowds that stop by every weekday.

Our skewered chicken was succulent, juicy, well flavored and tender. We thought our lunch for this particular trip was even better than usual. We asked about the preparation on our way out. They couldn't give away their secret, of course, but they did say they used cumin and lemon in their marinade. The quantity of chicken alone wasn't enough to fill me up--it never is. However, as always, we got a pile of warm pita bread perfect for wiping up our generous servings of hummus and oil, assuring we'd walk away full.

Falafel and Kebab is flexible, by the way. Jenny asked for and received more rice with her plate while forgoing the cabbage. Lunch for the two of us was just a tad over $20 after tax.