Thursday, January 27, 2011

DishDash--Sunnyvale, CA

To encourage attendance at our quarterly business update meetings, my management often brings in lunch from DishDash. It's an effective enticement. Food from DishDash, which features Middle Eastern cuisine, is delicious, filling and consistent. This restaurant is also a favorite for retirement lunches.

I started with the lamb kebab ("shish kebab") and it was scrumptious. The meat was very tender, a tad greasy and moderately spiced for a mild heat. It was called a "kebab" but there weren't any skewer holes. Moreover, the grill marks offer a clue as to how the dish was prepared. Nevertheless, the meat was irresistible and it was the highlight of my lunch.

The same could not be said, though, of the chicken. Although the chicken cubes did possess the hallmark skewer holes, they were nevertheless chewy and dry. As for the lamb wrap (shawarma), be sure to have your napkins handy. The abundant yogurt-based sauce dominated the wrap, subduing the flavor of the thinly sliced lamb,which possessed a seasoning similar to that of the kebab. The hummus was smooth yet thick and went well with the soft pita bread. The Greek salad was crisp, but quite tangy.

For chicken kebabs, Falafel and Kebab in Mountain View is the best I've tried. However, dishes like today's lamb kebab makes DishDash a favorite at work and will always be enough to attract a crowd no matter the meeting that must be endured beforehand. Credit must be given to the name of the restaurant, too. The very name brings to mind images of plates of food--all delicious--zooming from the kitchen to the table. The name also refers to a particular article of Middle Eastern clothing, sharing a provenance with the delectable cuisine found here.

190 S Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 774-1889