Friday, October 29, 2010

China Stix--Santa Clara, CA

If you were to add it all up, the restaurant we've taken out from most often is China Stix. The consistency, variety and proximity to my work in Santa Clara keep bringing us back. Two Fridays ago we picked up dinner for the four of us plus my dad.

The dish we order at China Stix more than all others is the year cake ("nian gao", above), which we love for the soft, chewy noodles. However,this time the noodles in the year cake were soft, clumped together and gooey. With the year cake being so successful over the years, however, we'll give it another chance.
Both items in the shrimp and broccoli (above) were crisp and we appreciated the quantity of the former. The noodles in the beef chow fun had just the right consistency and grease. We ordered this one to assure we'd be full and it served its function. The minced fish in lettuce cups (below), another standby of ours, was good but should be consumed quickly and not saved for later. Not only will the lettuce become limp, but the chopped rice stick will lose its crunch.

If one orders enough food for take out, China Stix will throw in a box of fried rice. The dollar threshold for this freebie changes from time to time, but in general ordering three dishes will do it Be sure to mention this promotion to the one taking your order when you call in. As always, the fried rice was the highlight for the boys.

By the way, dumplings are a specialty at China Stix and are best enjoyed fresh at the restaurant. In the Bay Area, it's difficult to find an equal to the dumpling quality and variety found here.

China Stix
2110 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050-4055
(408) 244-1684