Monday, October 11, 2010

Cafe Falafel--Santa Clara, CA

I met an equipment supplier representative at Cafe Falafel in Santa Clara near my work last week. Not having anything specific in mind going in, I went for variety and ordered the Lamb and Beef Gyros.

The food came quickly--in about five minutes. The lamb was piled on top of the beef on the bottom and the difference between them was very subtle due to similar marinades. Whether lamb or beef, though, the meat was warm, tender and went well with the sides when shoved into pita bread.

Ah, the sides. The gyros came with a lot on the plate, in terms of both variety and quantity. They were all good but I especially appreciated the giant scoop of rice pilaf and the creamy hummus, which teamed together to fill me up--not easy to do for $9 unless I'm at a buffet. Also coming with the lunch were pickled lettuce and salad.

After I move to my new office next month, Cafe Falafel will be a mere five minutes away and it will be tough to resist going there for lunch. With the parking lot overcrowded during the lunch hour I'll need to get there before noon or after 1:10.

4300 Great America Parkway
Suite 172
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 970-0913