Friday, November 5, 2010

Liang's Village Cuisine--Cupertino, CA

Perhaps more than anything else, curiosity compelled us to drop by Liang’s last Saturday for dinner. At dinnertime on the weekends, throngs of people would wait outside without complaint. Could such a long wait be worth it? Well, yes, it turns out.

To compare against other restaurants with similar menus, I tried a standard: the beef noodle soup (above), which featured tender chunks of meat in a hot, beefy broth. The thin noodles were silky smooth, chewy and didn’t clump. As good as the soup was—I’d get it again—it wasn’t even the second best offering on the table.

Better than the beef noodle soup was the ox tail (above), which was tender and delicious, due in part to the fat, which was in ample supply. The meat was well seasoned and had a flavor containing a hint of tomato.

The star of the evening, though, was the beef roll. Rolled into fluffy, oily onion pancakes were slices of tender meat, which were slightly sweet. Although the combination was simple, it was nevertheless scrumptious, filling and a fantastic value at $6.50.

As for the kids, they didn’t fare so badly either. They began by sharing a dish of tomato ground pork with thin noodles and quickly slammed it down. Since they enjoyed it so much, we ordered another. However, this time the dish came with thick noodles, which were more like ribbons roughly an inch wide. Oh, my! They were delightfully chewy and had Jenny and I had to show a lot of restraint to keep from moving in on our kids’ dinner. There’s always next time, though, when we’ll be sure to have our soups with the thick noodles.

That “next time” will require us to get to Liang’s early. Saturday we got there at 5:20 but still had to wait for ten minutes to be seated. The preceding weekend we got there at 6:00 or so and were told the wait would be half an hour. The overwhelming demand for a table at Liang’s Kitchen is well justified. From what I saw, Liang’s prepares everything well, provides an excellent value and has servers who are cheerful, too.

Liang's Village Cuisine
19772 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 725-9999