Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boston Market--Mountain View, CA

We went to Boston Market tonight because we found out through their website that their kids-eat-free promotion was extended till the 30th (tonight). However, when we arrived, we were given the old bait-and-switch. The cashier behind the counter didn't know of the promotion. He asked a co-worker if there was a special for kids and was told "no". After the dinner we tried to complain through their feedback website, but there was no mechanism available online to relate the specifics of our experience.

It was getting late, however, and we didn't have a backup plan. So, we ordered the family meal for three (featuring their beef brisket). The three sides we chose were corn, green beans and potatoes. The brisket was surprisingly good and the au jus made it even more delicious. The potatoes were underdone and hard. The corn was good, but came with a little too much butter. The green beans came in a variety of colors ranging from dark green to brownish green, which was unsettling. Moreover, they were drowning in butter. However, eat them with your eyes closed and they'd taste fine. The twins loved the corn bread and couldn't get enough.

The men's bathroom was in miserable shape and even compromised my appetite (not easy to do). If the restaurant isn't going to clean their toilets, they should at least have the courtesy to prepare their patrons with a "Brace Yourself" sign on the door.

Boston Market
1039 El Monte Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 428-1333