Sunday, January 17, 2010

Queen's House (2nd review)--Mountain View, CA

I try to make it a policy not to review the same restaurant twice, but after dinner at Queen's House I just can't hold myself back. It was quite possibly the worst Chinese meal I've had in more than twenty years (I'd have to go back to my growing-up days in Minnesota to come up with its equal).

We took the twins earlier tonight and ate the beef and broccoli, fish with black bean and combination chow mein. I have no complaint with the doneness of the beef and fish, but the vegetables were stale and the sauces used were much too heavy, salty and bland. The dishes were loaded with so much sodium, when I came home I drank half a liter of water (after drinking an entire pot of tea at the restaurant). What really made this meal special, though, was the rice. My wife and I were dumbfounded. As served, the rice was hard on the surface yet a gooey clump as we dug deeper into the bowl. If the dishes themselves weren't so bad, the rice would have ruined the dinner on its own.