Thursday, January 14, 2010

Faultline Brewering Company--Sunnyvale, CA

Just as with most of my visits to the Faultine, today I ate lunch with a representative from a semiconductor equipment supplier. Through the years, I credit the Faultline for remaining a rather trendy pick for the business crowd. It's obvious the restaurant knows its clientele, as it's difficult to justify paying $15 for an entree that doesn't fill you up if you're not eating there on someone's expense account.

I had the jambalaya with pasta. Although I took issue with the small quantity--it barely filled a small pasta bowl--the food itself was well prepared and I appreciated that it was served hot. The dish featured sausage and chicken as the main meat ingredients. There were hints of ham and bacon. Also in the bowl were linguine, onions, tomatoes and diced bell peppers. What surprised me was the level of spiciness--the plate certainly packed a punch.

Disappointed by the meager volume of food, I looked around to see if other tables got bread, but I didn't see any. So, I didn't bother asking for any myself. I requested a decaf espresso drink, but none were available--those were served only with caffeine. So, I settled for a decaf coffee to cap the lunch. The lemonade I had with the meal was average and almost certainly not homemade.

Faultline Brewing Company
1235 Oakmead Parkway
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-4040
(408) 736-2739