Sunday, January 24, 2010

First & Main Sports Lounge--Los Altos, CA

The Vikings played tonight to get into the Super Bowl and we needed to find a spot to watch the big game. Our dentist told us about First and Main, which provided just about the perfect ambiance for our dinner. To their credit, the restaurant and bar was overflowing with flatscreens. One would have to hide under a table to miss the event on TV. "The event" for us was gripping (overtime loss for my Vikes) and, fortunately, I couldn't really pay close attention to what I ate.

I do remember, though, the sauce for my Baby Backs was strong--perhaps the spiciest I've ever had for ribs. The meat was tender enough, but the disappointment came with the quantity--at the end of dinner I counted a mere six bones for $15.95. The slaw salad and the fries that came with the ribs were both good (fries must be hot and crisp, and these were), but didn't make the meal. My dad had an angus burger which he thought was bland--I had a bite and couldn't disagree. If we were to return, my wife could very well order once again the fish tacos she had tonight. She noted, though, they lacked "zing" and she would grade them a B. The twins each had a grilled cheese sandwich with tater tots--both elements were greasy and tasty.

On the heels of a tough loss, I must admit it's difficult to write an unbiased portrayal of my dinner. However, I can say with certainty the value is missing and I'd go back only to catch a must-see game.

First & Main Sports Lounge
397 Main St.
Los Altos, CA 94022
(650) 949-1380