Monday, January 4, 2010

Queen's House--Mountain View, CA

I met my wife at this Chinese noodle house on Castro Street in Mountain View. The word is certainly out on this restaurant, as it was completely full before 11:50 am when the rest of Castro seemed rather quiet.

I ordered my standby, the Szechuan beef tendon noodle soup (medium spiciness) and it was a hit as always. The beef was as fatty as ever and the tendon of the perfect soft consistency. The noodles were delightfully chewy. What makes me crave their soup, though, is the broth, which has that beefy spicy-sweet flavor I just can't find anywhere else.

My wife enjoyed the wonton noodle soup. It was nothing fancy, but it was reliable.

I did leave with a bad taste in my mouth, though. It's always disappointing when I pay cash and instead of actually ringing up the cash register, the cashier merely opens the register drawer to slip my money in, which is what happened today at Queen's House. That's a clear sign they're charging me tax but not reporting it. To remove any doubt that there's some degree of fraud going on, they cover up their cash register display with photos.

Queen's House
273 Castro St
Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 960-0580