Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quiznos--Kettleman City, CA

On our way to Carlsbad on the I-5 South a week ago today, we took a break for lunch in Kettleman City. This junction where the Interstate meets Highway 41 is a favorite stop for many, as it’s roughly the halfway point between the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The I-5 road warrior is given an array of fast food choices including Burger King, In-N-Out and McDonald’s. We chose Quiznos, though, as it sat atop a hill away from the crowd and for its proximity to the gas station offering the lowest prices in town.

My wife had a turkey torpedo, I had a large Mesquite Chicken and the kids each had a Kids Meal featuring a toasted ham sandwich. The torpedo was short (perhaps the length of a regular) and as thin as a pizza-bread stick. It’s clearly targeted for those with a modest appetite and can be had for four dollars. My wife thought it on the salty side. The Mesquite Chicken is a standby for me whenever I visit Quiznos and today, as always, it was predictably good. The chewiness of the bacon bits blended well with the tender chicken. And, the bread had a crisp exterior and a warm fluffy interior for which Quiznos is so well known.

The steal of the day, however, was the Kids Meal, which for $3.50 featured a toasted half ham and cheese sandwich, a bottomless drink and either a chocolate cookie or a bag of chips. Also included was an activity pack including crayons, stickers and a puzzle book. We parents appreciated it especially because it kept the boys occupied for nearly an hour as we headed south.

The bathroom, shared with the gas station next door, was a bit dirty and out of paper towels. However, overall it was clear the restaurant tried to offer its patrons a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience, even offering a complete condiment bar which included fresh jalapenos, pepperocinis, banana peppers and pickles.

27627 Bernard Drive
Kettleman City, CA 93239
(559) 386-0023