Friday, July 15, 2011

Shanghai Dim Sum (Round 2)--Cupertino, CA

Sticking to Chinese tradition, I had noodles for my birthday (for a long life, get it?). And, sticking to what was safe, I wanted Shanghainese--it's been ages since a Shanghainese dinner was a bust. Although it was a surprise to find that management had changed since my last visit (though the name of the restaurant remained the same), dinner was good nevertheless.

In my mind, there are two tests for a Shanghainese restaurant. The first is the braised pork, the other is, of course, the xiao lung bao. They passed both most deliciously. The braised ham was tender and flavorful, though a bit fatty (and it must be for a fat lover like me to point this out). The xiao lung bao was among the best I'd had, with a paper thin skin that was able to hold its soup. It felt like velvet in my mouth. The Shanghai fried rice was fine, with much of the flavor coming from the ham. The Young Chow fried rice was adequate, but generic. The shrimp was good--they nailed the texture. And those noodles we came for? The kids couldn't get enough of them.

The drawbacks? The pumpkin mochi we had for dessert was flavorless, even bland. And, we got a basket of dumplings that were essentially oversized siu mai which was twice the size, but not twice the flavor. It left me wondering if the dish was trying to copy the Cantonese dim sum delicacy or if was an original dish I'd missed after all these years.

All is forgiven, though, because they prepare the traditional Shanghainese dishes so well. I'd love to go back.

Shanghai Dim Sum
19066 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 366-2318