Friday, July 22, 2011

Napoletana Pizzeria--Mountain View, CA

Being without a working refrigerator for the past few days, we left the house for a rare weekday dinner out Wednesday. With Napoletana Pizzeria just down the street it was a convenient choice--and we could even browse Cost Plus afterwards. Jenny and I shared a prosciutto e funghi pizza. As the name implies, it featured prosciutto and mushrooms, but basil as well. The basil, in fact, packed a surprising amount of flavor. The prosciutto was salty when eaten on its own but not so when eaten with the pizza--interesting! Juice from the toppings soaked through the pizza's thin crust, though for me that was fine. The pizza was 12" and was enough for us two adults.
The boys shared a full order of linguini alla polpette di carne, a long name for linguini with meatballs. The big eater in our family snarfed his half down in no time flat.

For dessert the four of us (but mostly the boys) shared a chocolate tartufo, which arrived at our table in its original Bindi packaging. Essentially, the tartufo is a ball of chocolate gelato with a cream center covered with hazelnuts and cocoa powder. It was good, but the price was steep.

We left with a sense of longing. It wasn't the fault of the restaurant's, but Jenny and I missed the heavier pizza one would find at, say, Pizza Chicago, especially with their combination of sweet (apricots, for example) and savory. Also, we regretted getting the exorbitantly priced tartufo. Unfortunately, that little ball of ice cream that left us more than $7 poorer (if you include the associated tax and tip) just might be what we remember most about our visit.

The service was good.

Napoletana Pizzeria
1910 W El Camino Real
Ste C
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 969-4884