Friday, March 7, 2014

Columbia Harbour House--Disney's Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FL

During our trip to the Magic Kingdom two weeks ago, we dropped by Columbia Harbour House for lunch. It was a pleasant surprise! With their high prices and low quantities, my expectations of amusement park restaurants are never very high. However, CHH managed to fill us up and the food was good.

We ordered the Battered Fish Basket, Grilled Salmon and the Lobster Roll and got out of there for just a shade over $31. We all pecked at the salmon and the broccoli was our serving of vegetables for the day. :)

The fish "basket" (the sticks were actually served on a paper plate) was good, but more of a kids meal. It came with apple slices, which the kids gobbled up quickly.

The best value, though, was the lobster roll. No, it didn't pack as much lobster as the Old Port Lobster Shack and the lobster wasn't quite as sweet. But, given this sandwich was little more than $10, it was a relative steal. And, if you weren't spoiled by a lobster roll in Boston, say, you'd walk away quite happy with the quality of this sandwich.

I appreciated that the employees at CHH tried hard to make the line go efficiently, assigning you to a register as you get to the front. Disney uses the same procedure to assign you seats on a roller coaster, why should this be any different? Perhaps Costco can take a cue here.

When we ate at 2:00, there was plenty of space, especially upstairs.