Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bertolli Chicken Margherita and Penne

Today I picked up a bag of Bertiolli Chicken Margherita and Penne, which is on sale at Costco in Mountain View, CA till next Sunday ($4 off a bag normally at $14.99).

A "bag" of the pasta is actually two 30-ounce pouches each enough to serve a family of four. They certainly don't cheat on the chicken (a claimed 1 lb per bag) and the sauce is more than enough for the pasta. We made additional penne to soak up the excess.

The sauce has a slight creaminess about it and while it's obviously tomato based, it's slightly sweet, which I liked. It doesn't have the acidic bite to it that, say, Trader Joe's marinara sauce has.

I'd especially recommend Bertolli for a family in a pinch, when you get home late and still need to help the kids with homework. The bag from Bertolli's will more than suffice. And, at a regular Costco price of $15 for two dinners for four, what's not to like?