Friday, June 7, 2013

Sushi 85--Mountain View, CA

Curry salmon platter: This fish is drowning!

If you're in Mountain View near Grant and El Camino and in need of a good value in during the dinner rush hour, I'd like to recommend Sushi 85.

Edamame: Complimentary after the server spilled water on Dylan. They were served hot (and very tasty!).

Don't get me wrong. The quality there is never mind-blowing. However, they make that up with volume. And, there's almost always a table available, even at 7:00 on a Friday night.

Chicken teriyaki--prepare to take home leftovers!
Dinner tonight got off to an interesting start, as the server spilled ice water on Dylan. He took it like a champ (even said it was "cool") and they gave us edamame on the house.

Jenny thought her "cherry blossom" a bit bland. I had the curry salmon platter. If you get it, prepare for that salmon to be swimming--in curry sauce that is. They give you so much, in fact, they even give you a ladle. The curry was very mild.

Tonkatsu ramen bowl

Tyler got the ramen bowl, which was enormous. I'm proud that he was able to eat almost the whole thing--and he got every noodle.

We knew Dylan's teriyaki chicken would offer too much meat for him to handle. Just as well. The leftovers will be lunch tomorrow. The amount of meat on that plate has to be seen in person to be believed.

Cherry Blossom featuring tuna and salmon

Sushi 85
1350 Grant Rd #6
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 965-8898