Thursday, June 13, 2013

Parcel 104--Santa Clara, CA

Hardwood Grilled Dayboat Fish: Hebi  $29
I was treated to a business lunch at Parcel 104 yesterday and tried their hebi fish (or shortbill swordfish) after our server emphasized its freshness. He proudly noted that the fish was swimming one or two days earlier near Hawaii, caught by a fisherman contracted to Parcel 104, vacuum packed and shipped. The fish at Parcel 104 generally comes from the West Coast or Hawaii, but only very rarely--if ever--the East Coast.

Bowl of tomato soup with tiny grilled cheese sandwich  $9

Hebi has a consistency similar to tuna, but a stronger flavor, and I appreciated that it was served underdone. Two items accompanying the fish were cranberry beans and an avocado sauce. The combo definitely worked.

I started lunch with tomato soup. As mundane as it sounds, it was actually delicious, especially with the tiny grilled cheese sandwich, and the fact that it was served piping hot.

Fruit salad  $5

For fun, I had the fruit salad, which included cherries. Although it didn't stand out compared to my other two courses, it was perhaps the best value at $5 (still a pricey add-on for lunch, though).

Grilled hebi: Nicely underdone!
With Parcel 104 located in an industrial area, I can't help but think it caters to the business crowd (like Birk's) and their expense accounts. But, it nevertheless serves good food that would stand on its own anywhere.

Parcel 104
2700 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 970-6104