Saturday, June 15, 2013

GuoCui--Cupertino, CA

Stewed beef cubes, "dry", with noodles
We recently ate at GuoCui in Cupertino on a Saturday night with my dad. The food was good and the service very friendly--about as friendly as it gets, in fact. We asked the boys to have the boys split one entree, but they ended up giving the boys each their full complement of sides; they split only the main course.

Getting to know how and what to order wasn't a straightforward process, but you can get the hang of it pretty quickly. One chooses either a soup or a "dry" (which is actually a little soupy) entree and "profile", three of which are spicy and one non-spicy "original". I'd give the spiciness level about a six out of ten.

The sides that come with each main course
I got the seafood dish, which in retrospect didn't really suit my mood. Namely, the shrimp weren't peeled and it wasn't appealing for me to de-shell a hot wet shrimp.
The boys liked their dish (stewed beef cubes), though, especially the chewy noodles. We found out mid-way through dinner that the boys weren't really full and wanted more noodles. So, the staff gave them some more noodles on the house (!). Jenny went with the braised beef. She liked it but wasn't wowed. For a hot Asian soup, she prefers Wuji's Mala House in San Jose.

Braised beef
Just when we thought they couldn't have been more hospitable, they gave us a packet of Chinese cut-outs.
Seafood entree

We left a little regretfully, though, as the restaurant was pretty empty even in the middle of dinner hour on a Saturday night. So, if you're hungry in Cupertino and don't want to wait, drop by GuoCui!

10619 S De Anza Blvd
CupertinoCA 95014
(408) 888-9333