Friday, April 13, 2012

Tournament of Kings, Excalibur Hotel and Casino--Las Vegas, NV

This afternoon we got back home from our trip to Las Vegas and what an enjoyable vacation is was! Last night we went to the Excalibur to watch the Tournament of Kings. The show was a thrill for the kids, who enjoy swords, horses and knights. Take note, though: The Excalibur warns you ahead of time that if you're asthmatic you may want to think twice about attending this show. I'm asthmatic and started wheezing about a third of the way through. Although the show was a joy to watch, I really wanted to leave and get some fresh air. The difficulty, though, was that I was trapped in the middle of my row. The seating is much like that at a stadium but with a counter in front of you, making it all the more difficult for people to move out of your way. So, I was indeed a captive audience.

Dinner began at about the same time the show did and we were given tomato soup for starters. The soup was served piping hot from a pitcher and we drank from the bowl directly. To set the mood, there was no silverware, so you needed to use your fingers to eat everything, even the main course. I liked the soup, but Jenny thought it tasted like tomato sauce. Next came the entree, which was broccoli, potatoes, buttermilk biscuit and a roasted small whole chicken--probably a Cornish game hen. The chicken was slightly overdone, and peeling the tough, dry breast off with fingers was no easy task. The dark meat, however, was right on. The broccoli stalks were huge and provided a nice handle for even the largest hands. We finished with an apple pastry, which featured a crust as light as air, yet good and chewy.

You can have Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or water with your meal. Other drinks are available at an additional cost. The meal portion was $20.49 of the $65.56 ticket. I heard you can forgo the dinner and get the show only, but I didn't see anyone go that route. By the way, twice we tried to get tickets the day of the show to get them on the cheap, but the show kept selling out. So, we gave in and bought tickets two days ahead of time. From what I could tell, there was a full house for our performance also.

My family enjoyed the show, though my dad thought it was a little violent. I have no regrets about bringing my seven-year-old boys and I'm pretty conservative about how I raise them. A few of the knights stayed after the show to pose for photos, much to the delight of many kids, including one of mine. So, even though Jenny and I both thought the meal had its shortcomings here and there, it was only barely noticed because the of the show, which starts fairly promptly, by the way--within five minutes of the stated showtime. I recommend that if you can bear the $66 per head it's certainly worth going, especially if you have children. Again, however, please take the allergy and asthma warning to heart.

The entrance to the show is in the basement in the arcade.

Excalibur Hotel and Casino
3850 Las Vegas S Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 597-7777