Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nutrition House--Milpitas, CA

About to leave the kids' Chinese school in Milpitas at dinnertime earlier tonight, we asked their teacher for a recommendation for something quick nearby. She recommended a restaurant whose name translates literally to 5 Pancakes 2 Fish. The English name they go by, though, is Nutrition House. Located in the corner of a 99 Ranch mall in Milpitas, the restaurant is casual and has a menu featuring easily more than one hundred items. The theme of the menu seems to be Northern style with a special emphasis on hot pot dishes. However, sticking with the familiar, we went with beef chow fun, salted fish fried rice and sizzling shrimp and tofu.

The chow fun was average and should have been served hot instead of the lukewarm we received. The salted fish in the fried rice was hard, which I enjoyed. It provided a pleasant distinctiveness, giving the mouth something to chew on. My wife didn't like it, though, and ended up picking the little bits out of her rice. The sizzling shrimp came with two thin crepes, or pancakes. There was far more tofu and shrimp than could have been wrapped, but the crepes were a nice touch. Because it was served on a sizzling platter, the dish stayed hot throughout dinner.

Tonight our dishes came out quickly, the dishes met expectations overall and the dinner was inexpensive. The casual environment made it ideal for families. Our next trip, though, we'll be trying a hot pot or two. Coming with each hot pot is a "house special cake" which is a round, soft thick bread. It'll be the perfect sop. When I think about our return visit I can't help but drool over the many dipping possibilities!

Nutrition House
496 Barber Ln.
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 428-9285