Saturday, May 1, 2010

Best Bite--Mountain View, CA

Tonight I had the tenderest, juiciest piece of chicken in memory--if not my life! On a whim, my wife and I decided to try a small, unassuming Persian restaurant down the street and around the corner. I never would have guessed this little stand-alone that could fit inside the kitchen of a Wienerschnitzel could pack so much punch into their Cornish game hen kabob. Even before my teeth met on that first bite my eyes reflexively closed and I involuntarily said, "Oh my goodness". I was in total disbelief that chicken could taste so good.

Not knowing how good the chicken would be, I played it safe and ordered the Koobideh Kabab, or ground tenderloin beef. The two skewers worth of meat was tender and greasy, as I knew it would be. However, mid-way through, after acknowledging the finer qualities of the dish (and after having had my wife’s chicken), I noticed that the beef lacked flavor. I addressed this by dousing it with hot sauce, my old standby solution. The beef also went well with the raw onion, butter and flatbread that came with our plates. There was enough flatbread, by the way, to be a meal in itself.

Although the Koobideh got boring after a little while, the Cornish game hen was too delicious to deny myself many repeat visits. Although the game hen was perhaps the best kabob I’d ever had, Best Bite won’t be our sole source for skewers, as seafood, for example, isn’t available.

Best Bite
1414 West El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040-2406
(650) 988-8895