Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Louisiana Territory--based in San Jose, CA

I'm having lunch right now at my desk at work. I just went down the street to The Louisiana Territory, a food truck that visits my neck of the woods Thursdays 11-1. With Cajun their specialty, I went with the New Orleans Jambalaya and the Po Boy Catfish. The menu is set up for you to experiment, with the portions relatively small (the jambalaya measured about a cup), as well as the prices (I got both items together for $8).

The jambalaya came with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes as well as adequate amounts of andouille sausage and chicken. What made this distinctive was the dressing on top. I call it a dressing because it was very similar to thousand island, but spicy. Mixed in with the jambalaya, it provided some pleasant heat.

The po boy was a disappointment. The bread was good, although oiled perhaps too generously. However, the catfish, which I got due to the server's recommendation, brought images to mind of KFC's popcorn chicken. There was much, much more fried batter than fish. Even worse, the breading was slightly sweet, which conflicted badly with the spiciness of the rest of the sandwich. In roughly half the pieces I couldn't even find any fish--only batter.

It had been more than twenty years since I last ordered from a food truck. Times were simpler back then, when the meatball sub I had represented the height of food truck cuisine. Anyone who's at all in touch today knows that trendy food trucks today can often serve sophisticated, imaginative and delicious meals at prices lower than your cafeteria. However, today I felt badly tricked. I appreciated that they served us ginger ale while we waited, but that po boy was simply unforgivable, especially because it came recommended.

OK, back to work!

The Louisiana Territory
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