Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Little Michoacan--Sunnyvale, CA

Last Saturday the four of us went to Hands on the Arts in Sunnyvale. The restaurant Little Michoacan in Sunnyvale had a booth selling delicious tacos at a reasonable price. With every Tuesday featuring 99 cent small tacos at Little Michoacan for lunch, how could I resist going today?

The small soft tacos there came prepared in six different ways: steak, tongue, pollo, carnitas, al pastor (pork in this case) and chili verde (also pork). Not knowing what to exclude, I tried all six. It wasn't as intimidating as it sounds--the tortillas are only about three inches in diameter. I started with the steak, which was fatty but tender and pleasantly spicy. Juice constantly streamed down from the taco. The tongue came second and proved to be the highlight. Just as with the steak, it came diced but in ample quantity. The tongue was tender, flavorful and substantial. The chicken was quite plain, although I give the quantity of chicken high marks. The carnitas was overly sauced and the taco was soupy. But, an even greater abundance of fluid came with the chili verde, which unfortunately contained pork that was overdone. The al pastor was delightful, with its savory sauce and tender pork.

I appreciated that all of the tacos were served hot (I actually had to wait for some of them to cool just so they could be held) and the fillings were generous. At a buck a taco, I could try the entire small taco menu without blowing my lunch budget. Next time, in fact, I might get another six. But, it'll be one al pastor, one steak and four tongues.

Little Michoacan
305 N Fair Oaks Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 732-3854