Saturday, April 16, 2016

Smoking Pig--San Jose, CA

If you think the lunch below is pretty meager for $20, I hear you. What made me return to the Smoking Pig--and what will call me back again--are the burnt ends (the cubes of fatty meat near the top of the tray). By some accounts a delicacy that originated in Kansas City, the burnt ends come are cut from the brisket.

As served at the Smoking Pig, the burnt ends, with a chewy consistency and a charred flavor, are bathed in a sweet sauce with the consistency and appearance of syrup. Although it doesn't look like there's a lot there, this 2-Meat Combo will fill you up.

Also shown here is the pulled pork, which I thought was a bit overdone and dry. However, as long as the Smoking Pig is the only place I know of that serves the burnt ends, I'll be back!

Smoking Pig