Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pannekoeken Huis--Minneapolis, MN

Our visit to Pannekoeken Huis earlier this month was largely a walk down Memory Lane for me. There were a bunch of Pannekoeken locations back when I was growing up more than thirty years ago. Now it appears there's just one.
Strawberry Pannekoeken
The important things haven't changed, though. The pannekoekens are just as fluffy and eggy as ever and, this is important, the server announces (more like sings) the delivery of the pannekoeken when it arrives the table with a enthusiastic "Pannekoeken!" I told our server the pronouncement reminded me of my childhood, she said it was her favorite part of working at Pannekoeken Huis. How can you not love that enthusiasm?
Walleye BLT

Wanting to eat like a local, Jenny got a walleye BLT, which I thought was delicious. While the walleye is the Minnesota state fish and Minnesotans love their walleyes, keep in mind that, by law, commercial walleye fishing is banned in Minnesota. Instead, the commercial walleye stock comes from Canada.
Dutch Dip

Wanting to bring some more protein to the table, we shared a mettwurst, a thick sausage with German origins. I'm not quite sure why it's at a Dutch restaurant. Perhaps it's a Minnesota thing connected with the state's heavily German roots? It doesn't matter: The side dish was delicious and there's no way you'd get this much meat for six bucks here in California.

Pannekoeken Huis