Saturday, November 8, 2014

Stinky tofu from Mama Liu (food truck)

Last night we were introduced to both the Night Market at DeAnza College and stinky tofu. For all the talk about the fermented tofu and how delicious it can be, I have to say this one dish was not only a failure with us, but it pretty much ruined our Moveable Feast food truck experience.

I can't blame Mama Liu, who only served up what I ordered. The tofu cubes had the familiar hard shell and soft interior of fried tofu. Dominating the experience, though, was the odor. As such, I can't really tell you much about the flavor. Making matters far worse is the stink hangs around. It's in the aftertaste, it stays in your mouth seemingly forever and pervades through the house when you take it home (though I couldn't finish it at the market I took it home--I can never bring myself to throw food away).

At least I did better than Jenny, who couldn't bring herself to swallow the tofu. Afterwards we discussed what the stink was most similar to. We agreed it was a combination of smelly feet and rancid meat, but slightly closer to the latter.

As for the rest of the stinky tofu? I will finish this weekend what I started last night. But, for the first time in memory, I'm dreading an eating experience. Stinky tofu is that distinctive.

Mama Liu