Friday, October 31, 2014

Red Hot Wok--Cupertino, CA

Looking for some down-home Taiwanese food, we hit Red Hot Wok last weekend and it didn't disappoint.

The kids loved the "rice bowl with meat sauce", which was a steal at $5.95. We ordered two bowls. The pickled vegetables, common in Taiwanese dishes, was a great touch and I was surprised to see the nine-year old boys wolf everything down.

They didn't, however, take to the sha cha beef fried noodle, which they thought had a heavy curry flavor. Yes, it was a tad spicy, but I liked it and appreciated that the dish came with a lot of beef.

Much is said on the internet about the "three cup chicken". And, the flavor is great and the sauce goes well with rice. But, it's also very bony, and it takes a little work to get through.

My favorite? The shrimp cake, which came so loaded it was almost too rich. If you're into shrimp, I can't think of a dish that would be more for you.

The mango snow ice was popular with the boys largely because it was, well, dessert. I thought the shaved ice looked a little too much like shredded cheddar cheese for me to fully enjoy it. Dining is a visual experience, too.

Red Hot Wok
10074 East Estates Dr.
Cupertino, CA 94014
(408) 996-2999