Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fuji Huoshao Dumpling--San Jose, CA

We just ate at Fuji Huoshao Dumpling tonight. Though it was our first time there, my older son said it's now his favorite restaurant. He doesn't say that very often.
Shredded potato

Huoshao Dumpling did indeed do everything well and if you're looking for great dumplings (soupy, skin with just the right chewy consistency yet not too thick, filling with just the right texture, etc.) without much fuss, this is your spot.

The Huoshao Dumplings, a signature dish ordered by every table in the room, arrived hot and fresh with a flakey crust and a thin slab of ground beef made up the filling.

What made both of  my kids like this restaurant the most, though, was the Shiitake Mushroom Noodle Soup. They especially enjoyed the noodles--they were good, but the broth was better.

The parents' favorite was the squash with egg. Not only was it appealing to the eyes, but it offered a delicate crunch. Besides, how often do you see this combination in a dumpling?

This location used to be the home of another dumpling restaurant, Xie Dumpling, but the management changed about five months ago.

Credit cards are accepted.

Fuji Huoshao Dumpling
6184 Bollinger Rd.